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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tom Cruise on Oprah.

Tom's the second story down... Tom's acting STRANGE? Have these people ever watched Oprah? It's on after Jeopardy here in St. Louis, and I catch it from time to time. If I watch the show, I get fucking depressed since I feel emasculated. The whole show has the attitude that only women are watching... this is fine, I watch plenty of shit not intended for anything but it's audience. I'm sure if you can't stand video games and don't know what a PS2 is, or "Online Play" and Dual Shock Controller sounds like what you tuned into X-Play for but can't understand the lack of sex, X-Play seems wierd. Tom Cruise was playing to an audience that buys and reads whatever book the host mentions. We're questioning whose sanity? As far as Tom taliking up Scientology, well forgive him for not being whatever it is you think may be normal. You let Mel Gibson yap on about Jesus... Of the top two Scientologist actors in Hollywood, only one made Battlefield Earth.

Now, if the invaders in War of the Worlds are more concered with "leverage"... then we'll have issues!

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