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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Big Idiots in History!!!!!

Pastor Johnnie B. Wilson II, is an evil and awful... frankly a sick and greedy man. He disgusts me. He's holding (as of May 14, 2005, a tree that's over 200 years old HOSTAGE for 75,000 dollars. There's nothing like a fat preacher to find new ways to say "GIMMIE MONEY!!!" What a hate filled slime. He's using the excuse of wanting to put in a parking lot. I've seen parking lots with trees in them, the parking lot built around them. Fuck, what an ass... Our entire subdivision was built around an old tree, and the old tree happened to be in our front yard for 40 plus years. (We did have to have it removed when it DIED, and were sad to see it go, except it makes mowing the lawn easier in front, but damn the house can get hot w/o the air on.... where was I, That's right the fat fuck who hates trees and wants money. Other soulutions have been suggested to him, by his entire town... Nobody wants the tree to go... he's holding the tree hostage. He's an eco-terrorist (maybe-not). Scratch that. He's a Terrorist (kinda, if the tree had feelings, it'd be terrified!). Give him a cell in Gitmo. One of the soultions was some 99-year lease with the city, and he had a problem with that because it lasted ONLY 99 YEARS. FUCK HIM. FUCK HIM. Close his silly church (let em worship in a cafeteria or something... But NO FREE COFFEE!!!) and put a city park around the tree. The local kids would prebably rather have a playground than a church. Running around and playing games is more fun than a hot church with shitty air conditioning... (the building looks like crap in the Post's photos... dude, suck in that gut when you get a photo taken.) Greedy asshole.

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