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For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Movies I've caught recently....

City of God: Wow. This film reignighted an appreciation for movies on satellite. I had been wanting to see this, but kept putting off renting it from Blockbuster. Foreign flicks that get good reviews are so often some pretentious piece of masturbation that I can't stand. First this movie isn't that. It's actually interesting... and good. Damn fucking good, and it was shown widescreen... TV is safe for movies again?

Artemesia: An artsy film about art. If you don't LOVE renisanse painting... you'll need something to bite through... actually you'd probably get up and do something else. I liked it. Real art buffs apparently HATE this movie since it gets the history of the protaganist damn near completly wrong... but... eh, that's what history books are for.

Shaolin Soccer: A masterpiece. Possibly the best soccer movie ever. They have superpowers and mighty Kung-Fu.... Oooooooooooooooooo.

A Boy and his Dog: This movie was on drugs. It was just damn strange. The book didn't feel this wierd.

Team America World Police: Love. I feel love for this movie. I wish the song "Pearl Harbor Sucked" had been nominated for an Oscar. Few songs capture the emotions of so many people so well. Usually they're love songs when they do... but this is the FIRST song to say, word for word how I felt about a specific movie. "Pearl Harbor Sucked!" They read our minds and hearts...

Mutant Aliens : No matter what you may think of this film, it demands respect. Cuse one guy drew an 80min cartoon. Fuck. Plus it is entertaining.

At The Earth's Core: Oh shit. This is the PERFECT film to remind the film world that it NEEDED Star Wars. You can look at Planet of the Apes, 2001, even Silent Running and the stunning Washington scenes of Logan's Run and give a good devil's advocate argument that Hollywood didn't need Star Wars. But those were all exceptions to the rule, and never brought home the fact that average movies needed to own up, that the audience dexerved better. In 1976, some studio thought we deserved At The Earth's Core, and it has Grand Moff Tarkin in a less than commanding roll. But, if you take the camera off of him during a fight scene, he will have chopped down a tree, and built a bow and a set of arrows in under a minute. Give him a fade, and he can fix a broken 20 ton machine that took him and many others years to build. This is a fun piece of shit... Google this movie, people make muppet references, and then there's the villians that explode upon death.

Along Came Polly: The most interesting characters get the least amount of time. Damn, I hated this movie, but somehow a sequel involving two of the other.... aw fuck this waste of time flick.

Pi: Smart people who love film, and know film, know this is a great movie. Anyone who says how brilliant this movie is... WALK AWAY. Don't speak to them. They're too intelligent for you. They're fucking brilliant, this movie is way beyond you, you don't have the sophistication to appreciate a movie like this. I'm an idiot. I like fluff like Lord of the Rings, Batman, Star Wars and such... I like escapist fantasy, and walk out of the theater knowing I'm in a real world that really isn't all that interesting. People who like movies like Pi, live an escapist fantasy that they're intellectual. I was hoping for a movie about math. There's nothing about math in this movie that you don't get by the fourth grade. Math is never shown. Contact shows you the world of radio astronomy, just a bit... October Sky had loads more shit about COAL MINING!!! than PI did about MATH!!!! October Sky was about rockets... (BTW is had shit about building rockets too...) PI sucks. Kinda like pearl Harbor.

Scary Movie 3. I laughed. Enough to watch it twice. It's a comedy. Comedy and I don't get along too well. so if I could sit through it twice. It be good. Team America kinda owns it's ass though.

Zatôichi : MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm pure samurai movie joy.

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