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Saturday, April 02, 2005

TV - X-Play and other G4 rants.

No more Adam.

Dear G4, What are you thinking? Lets face it, X-Play is the reason you bought the Tech TV network, and destroyed it. X-Play is, if you even like videogames, one of the best shows on TV. Adam Sessler was the heart of that show... I don't know waht's going on behind the scenes, but if this is an attempt to get the viewers of X-play to watch just another half hour of G4, you should have made new X-Play episodes an hour long. If this is what Adam wants, well we love him.... If this was some coperate goons idea, it will haunt you. Please don't do Adam Sessler the injustice you commited upon Martin Sargent. I wasn't a fan of Mr. Sargent, but the way you killed his show didn't seem cool.

Oh, KUDO's to Icons for spotlighting Frank Miller!!!!!!! Do More about Comics!!!!!!!!!

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