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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Movie: Sin City

Ouch... I'd said... I'd had FAITH, that this may be the best comic adaption of all time... This is complicated.

I was not a "fan" of the Sin City Graphic novels. I really enjoyed the first one. I just didn't get into the others. Now I love Non-spandex comics, I wish they outnumbered superheroes 10-1, and that we still had the same number of spandex floppies on the shelf as we did 13 years ago. I wish they were all as good as Watchmen and FM's 300... but that's heaven, Japan may have those numbers, but as Manga publishers are discovering, quality is always rare.
Sin City is a REALLY good movie. VIOLENT, IRREVERANT, BRUTAL, and BEAUTIFUL. And I liked Constantine so much more... Constantine was a better movie...? I don't know... apples and oranges. I'll buy both. I hope for awesome multi disc presentations of both, exaustive bonus and behind the scenes material on both. But lets face it... Sin City is like Rocketeer and the Crow, so so so close to the comic, they are exactly as good as the comic, and in Comic Book Movies.... "General, would you care to step outside?" is THE moment to beat. Now that Christopher Reeve is gone... no not gone, passed into legend, it may be impossible to top as sheer perfection.
Mr. Rodriguez, and all the other true filmakers in Hollywood... keep going for it!

Worth Price of Admission: Yea. Hell Yea, but maybe not twice.
Dvd sold: Oh yea!!! 2-3 disc set MANDITORY. BUT, it NEEDS some of those great troublemaker 10 minute schools, and AT LEAST one on cooking. Plus, any live footage of bands at the wrap party....

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