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Friday, April 29, 2005

Movie: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about the Disney release of the modern filmic adaptation of the novel / television series adaption of the radio series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Every concern and care has been taken to provide contemporary and sensitive American audiences, who tend not to recognize their own library card, with an easy and un-thought-provoking ride through a universe as pedestrian as any Hollywood summer fare. Most cynicism has been abandoned in favor of wellsprings of conventional cinematic hope and other such sentimental tripe. Irreverence has been avoided, as to not spur fanatics who tend to avoid movie theaters, as they are typically dark and ask for money up front without making it tax deductible, from avoiding the movie. Most guide entries and other spurts of non linear storytelling have also been nicely culled from this work, making it a more pedestrian and costly affair The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

So doesn't that make this the Encyclopedia Galactica?

Note:.... Does EVERY (almost every) Review on the web, think they're being creative by titling the review "Don't Panic".... sheesh... If it were a surprisingly faithful adaptation, the invocation would be apt, but with nearly every essence of the original stories gone... (Zaphod being such a violent prick... I don't even recall a gin and tonic ever being mentioned in the film..)

SPOILERS.... Oh, who cares, the film was spoiled by being released. I hate this thing.
I gotta Hitchhiker nerd out over a few things here.

So, I know that this series has changed with each incarnation, BUT, the story always made some sense, even with events flipped around and lines swapped between characters.

One example for right now.... The Dentrassi are never even mentioned.. so who let them on board the Vogon ship? The movie does clarify that Vogons are officious and bureaucratic. Why was Ford carrying a Babel fish in his pocket? Why is he trying to Hitch a ride with some other ship, while still in Earth orbit, wouldn't a vessel friendly to Hitchhikers pick them up instead of the Vogons... (No hyperspace trip to Barnard's star... so we loose the lines

Arthur Dent
What are you doing?

Ford Prefect
Preparing for hyperspace. It's rather unpleasantly
like being drunk.

Arthur Dent
What's so wrong about being drunk?

Ford Prefect
Ask a glass of water.

.... What a waste.


Anonymous said...

u r confirming my worst fears brother

i hope my eyes don't bleed at the sight of this

H.G.G Fan said...

Your imposed question that declared:
"So who let them onto the ship?"

If you didn't know, Ford used his galactic space-ring thingy, and "hitchhiked" his way onto the ship.

Final Note: Was it really neccessary to be SO CRITICAL about it? I, personally, thought it was a good movie and didn't review it 120 times to look for the minor defects! Other than that, it was mostly correct, still no need to be critical though...