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Friday, January 18, 2008

Redboxed: Dragonlance

Took me a while to get to this one, I was trying to find art for it. Then a friend sent me some.... Wow, this one was all about wishful thinking. Looking across the geekscape, were in Shangri-La right now... You can't look at that Last poster for Iron Man, and not think to yourself... "I'm dreaming." I'm not a huge fan of Iron Man by any means, I really enjoy the character, but he's one of these marvel B-Lister's... Marvel B-Lister: EVERY Marvel Character With their own title who's not Spider Man, X-Men or Hulk. Iron Man's just some B-List character, The poster looks like the type Wizard magazine used to always put together... or it looks like a poster like you'd see in Last Action Hero or the video store in Lost World. Golden Compass, 300, there was a time that movies like these, we knew we'd never see in the theater... Now they're a common occurrence... We're so far into geek heaven, we're getting Indiana Jones... No, we're farther than that, we're getting a REAL sequel to Heavy Metal!

On the Home Video fromnt, We've had GREAT movies from Iron Man Doctor Strange, we've seen Superman Doomsday... Superman Doomsday, a storyline I really didn't like, somehow became a DVD I really enjoyed. Add to that Justice League New frontier...
And Dragonlance is the old type of "Get the shaft and accept the crap geek!

This is my nightmare of what happened to this movie:
An incompetent Buisnessjerkwad wakes up in the morning, He thinks to himself; "Fuck you NERD, I went to Buisnesstechnical-prep school, I spent 19 months getting wasted on beer in the Philippines, beating people like you over the head I don't care how much you hate me, cause we, WE RULE THE WORLD!!! Now, I have to go have some executive decision over yer fucking Nerd Flick Dragonlance, Lick my shitty asshole you fucking Nerd! Movies for virgins, film at eleven! FUCKING GEEKS. Oh the movie, do as little as possible, dirty T-shirt fat slobs in their mother's basements will buy it anyway... they'll bitch about it online, generating enough word of mouth to other nerds that we'll make more on the second one, no matter how shitty this virgin Night-lite is!" Like 2 minutes after that meeting, he was calling his IT department to fix his blackberry, since the important shit he needed to get to was his fantasy football scores... what a nerd... I hate that guy! Not only that, but, this movie must have had a budget of the change in my Vacuum cleaner, and was a complete disappointment. Mr. Buisnessjerkwad is who I'll blame.

Or I'll have to go on some disrespectful rant about how each of the characters are exactly for LOTR... Oh F-- it... I couldn't even find the DVD cover art for a few months...

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