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For every year, I'm listing every movie I've seen and compare them all to each other asking one question; Which movie do I like more. Movies that score in the 80th percentile or higher, advance to the next round: Favorite of the Decade. After each Decade is done, an All Time list will be formed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Redboxed... A number of movies....

30 Days of Night
First, I forgot to mention when we rented it, Nothing really to say... Nice solid flick, I'll remember you fondly.... Okay, I rented this one like a week or two ago... The four movies we/I've watched in the past 36 hours are below, and I just finished No Country for Old Men. Right before that, we watched Hitman. Oddly, Michael Clayton is the movie on my mind more than the others.... BUT, one thing; this was quite unintentional, I'm a fan of the movie Nate and Hayes, I won't say I'm a big fan of it, since size is relative, and well I only know one other person who knows of the movies existence, and owns the DVD... So, he's the big fan of Nate and Hayes... I'll wait till it's on Blue Ray I guess... Anyway, Nate and Hayes, was a WONDERFUL pirate movie With Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for old Men) and Michael O'Keefe... Who I had no idea he was in Michael Clayton! The poster to the left here is jealous I'm not even talking about... What;s to say, you're okay 30 days... I liked you, but don't be clingy... our relationship was a one night stand, no late fees.

Oddly enough, All of these were returned a day late...

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Is a lovely movie. Not just because Natalie Portman's in it. She helps. But it's good to see a movie like this. "Family" movies that talk down to no one, but don't wink at the adults constantly are all but non-existent. My son wanted to see this movie, and I'm elated he did, since the trailers made it look like pure crapola. Part of that is just the reputation of the usual attapt at a movie like this is a eye burning hell hole that you beg be taken from you mind. Wow, one worked. If we were to say, hypothetically, that Dustin Hoffman had very few films he could be proud of, I'd say then he should be proud of this one... he had chemistry with everything... Hew had more chemistry with a dishwasher in this movie than most romantic leads have with everything that ever romanced them on screen. This movie is well... I need to save some thought on it later, this thing is ammo in the gun against a movie that was UNFORGIVABLE. It's one of the three below, and it's pure SHIT.

Michael Clayton
An Michael Clayton is FAR from pure shit. I'd been looking forward to this one. If you like a dry almost boring movie... I'm being fair here, I didn't find it boring, but it's not... It's... It's not artsy. So, it's ... "dramatic?" maybe. Suspensful? Kinda. I started this movie at like 2:30, just to see how interesting it might be, to look forward to watching the next day folding laundry. Yes, I was going to fold laundry to Michael Clayton. Well, I couldn't find a place to stop it. Damn, and it LOST Best Picture to No Country for Old Men... Oh, I was exited then!!!!!!!!!!! This was solidly good... Ok, It's not great. The ending is great, the slice of life feal is expertly done, and I'll never rewatch it ever again... Once everthing's unfolded, well... But it was a good view.

Only two movies are left on this little list... one is PURE SHIT. One won BEST Picture.. So, COME HERE!

Hitman and No Country for Old Men

Hitman.... HITMAN... You..... (Imagine Ryan Seacrest trturing these two movies...) Hitman, you're based on a Videogame from 2000! No Counrty for Old Men, you're based on a 2005 novel. Hitman, you've won NO AWARDS, and had a worldwide gross of $98,008,597. No Country for Old Men.... you won FOUR Oscars including BEST PICTURE! and had a worldwide Gross of $134,235,551!!!

Hitman. you...


Safe. No Country for Old Men, you're... I'm Sorry, Those awards must have been make up sex for The Big Lebowski. I love the Coen Brothers, and I can't remotely understand what anyone sees in this movie... (spoiler alert) YOU HAVE NO ENDING! You have the forensics team from Basic Instinct. You're supposed to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO Real, but no one goes into shock... Nothing in this movie makes sense. It's...
hold on, lemme calm down here... I'll try to be polite, you're very overrated... Stardust and 300 get nothing, and you win all these awards... I shouldn't be surprised, Beowulf wasn't even Nominated, those asinine penguins were. I swear those Oscars MUST say, "The Dude ABIDES!!!"

Spider-Man 3, I'm sorry, you're NOT the worst movie of the year. In my heart, it will forever be No Country for Old Men. No Country, you rooted yourself in the real world, and well, seemed... I'll admit, it's a neat idea to have McGyver as the villian, but seriously, why the hell even BOTHER with Woody Harrelson character... He did NOTHING!!! The guy in the building... also USELESS. It all felt so artsy for the sake of artsy, I expected it to be an M. Night Shyamalan film. No ending, like the Soprano's WHAT A TWIST!

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