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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trailer: X-Men 3 Knee jerk reaction...

Green, TCFlogo, TCFlogo... music may be okay.... Ewww synth music something or other... anyway... Marvel logo...
The Right Stuff shot is of Colossus (YAY!!!!!!!!!) Kitty Pryde (best be banging Colossus!) Storm (Boo... Why does she have black streaks in her hair? Actually, it looks more real now, her hair color...) Iceman and Rouge... this smells like (IF GOOD, they're going to the danger room!!!, IF BAD, more Cerebro room shit...) Okay, I've never liked Cerebro, never lit my candles in the comic and when it came to movies, it looked to damn much like the Stellar Cartography set from Generations. One of these days, I'll be able to somehow tie Middle East unrest to Rick Berman... on with the trailer... Note to Mr. Ratner, THE WHEELS ON THE CHAIR? Ya, they've been X's since the first movie, it was supposed to be subtle! Well, at least these movies look the same. Few trilogies do... Star Wars Doesn't, Harry Potter even screwed that up with the 3rd one... LOTR is an exception since it was shot back to back... It's a good thing. Anything else here to tell Ratner... ya, pick up Constantine and look at how they did angel wings. Angel could look a tad better, and taller, speaking of looking small... check out Juggernaut. On a concert DVD I have the director comments how Rock Stars always like it when you shoot them to make them look large and tall... It's good to see Pyro still with Magneto... I'm LOVING the feeling of continuity here... Jean Grey is in the trailer.... no shots of fire, or her on fire or birdness... or DARKNESS... This could ruin my day. (although in that wide shot when Magnus is preaching to the ewoks or lost boys whatever's... she's wearing dark red... no bird visible....) Though there's a funeral... that's promising... if it's at the end. Oh no. Magneto's Bad and he's going after the Golden Gate Bridge. With his new bitch Phoenix? This is not the DP story... I'll give it a chance, but this looks to have some old style Batman character packing.

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