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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Movie: Aeon Flux

Paramount, a studio that geeks have had a love-hate with for years... decided not to have any press screenings for this? Shame on you! That's not a power you should invoke carelessly. It needs to be reserved for the WORST of movies. Hitchhikers Guide should actually have never seen the light of day, or at least waited until all literate people's bones are being bleached in the sun and the only thing left of civilization is dust. Aeon Flux is a movie you would never recommend to a friend or an enemy.

Apparently it's getting bad press... Did they see possible alternatives... Yes, compared to Harry Potter, it's dog shit... we've actually had a good year of movies. But, check out the trailers BEFORE Aeon Flux, and LEARN what bad really is...

Annapolis: A friend of mine made a comment that was probably the pitch for this movie, it's the Navy's "An Officer and a Gentleman". Ya, it's ripping off Top Gun too. And An Officer and a Gentleman, was about Navy guys too. This movie seems pointless unless you're a fan of Matlock AND Walker Texas Ranger, then, it's a must see. And by the end of the trailers, I never wanted to see James Franco again... A couple of trailers later was this horrible sounding, nonsensical Tristan & Isolde trailer... You look at the IMDB entry for the movie, and it could actually be a very good night of HBO or a good Redbox rental, but whoever cut the trailer hates someone PERSONALLY, or hates all of mankind so much that they may be considered dangerous. I love Evanescence's music, and this was a textbook case of using music poorly. Last trailer I'll gripe about... Last Holiday, if you want to see an almost nifty website and a puke inducing bludgeoning of badness Watch the trailer for Last Holiday Gee, I wonder if the X-Rays were mixed up? She'll meet some rich guy.. OR learn to love and appreciate a life of absolute shit... Oh these movies are always crap. How's she have the credit to get that type of loan, and since when are loans handed out in cash....

This parade of trailer trash gave Aeon Flux some major bonus points. By the time the movie open with the text saying a Virus kills 99% of humanity, you wind up waving banners saying "Bird Flu" and rooting for the other team. That, and the Salvation Army and a country music station was at the theater spreading... never mind.

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