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Friday, March 06, 2009

Movie: Watchmen

I was aware of Watchmen as it was coming out, and was curious, but I didn't read it. I'd just gotten into comics heavily that year, so I read it about a year or so later, so still It was 20 years ago. I've reread it once or twice, which, says a LOT, and I liked it, a lot, maybe not Dark Knight Returns, but I don't have a favorite Graphic Novel. I just don't. There's really not a lot of them. I love comics as much as movies, but comics don't come with "Beginning, Middle, End." all that often. So, Dark Knight, Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Marvels, V for Vendetta, Crisis on Infinite Earth, the Dark Phoenix Saga... Well, the Dark Phoenix was part of an ongoing series... I would have loved LOVED to see that one on the big screen, but NOOOOOOoooooooooooooo. Oh well maybe someday. Thinking of Dark Phoenix, and Crisis, especially Crisis... Watchmen was unfilmable? Crisis is much worse, if Unfilmable means that it'd cost a billion dollars to shoot. Here, here's what Crisis would look like as a movie...
That'd cost a couple bucks. Really, Watchmen should shame DC/WB into making a Justice League movie, I'd imagine that at least some exec looks at Watchmen, and sees that if a 3 hr R-rated movie with characters outside the pop-culture mainstream can do a 55 mil opening, then a JLA movie is like printing money. The problem is they'd probably screw it up. JLA would need to be as good of a movie as Watchmen. Oh, yea, I'm blogging about Watchmen.
I can't get it out of my head, I might have a greater liking of Bob Dylan than I did a week ago. I think, think, I may like the movie more than the Graphic Novel.
Yea, I do.
This is up there with Blade Runner, and The Hunt For Red October. I hope. Seriously hope this isn't my favorite movie of the year, but it's Watchmen's year now. The rest of the year could be shit, and it'll be fantastic, I love this thing that much. This thing is now the best/greatest Super-hero movie ever made. Thank you for being the complete opposite of Dark Knight. But, the Dark Knight wasn't a comic book movie, not like Watchmen... Watchmen one of few comic-book movies to be like this. Dark Knight, like most comic book movies that we've lapped up are more like Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li than they are Watchmen. Oh, sorry, forgot to blog about Street Fighter....

Movie: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.
This movie cements the Jean Claude Van Dame version as a classic of modern cinema. I swear this was some, unproduced generic action flick script, and they opened it up in Final Draft, named the female lead Chun-Li, named the villian Bison, and dropped in a description of one bounty hunter dressing like Vega oh, and named Michael Clarke Duncan Balrog.

I'll admit most comic book born adaptions have given more effort than this piece.

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